Below you will find many answers to questions that have been asked of us, including how to add products and where to find your seller dashboard.

We have made every effort to make our site as easy to use as possible but you may still need a hand, if so feel free to email us HERE if you cannot find your answer in our faq’s.

Yes our website is really free to list on.

We dont charge you any listing fee or set a cap on how many items you can list as a fixed price or auction.

We make our money when your item sells as we have a set fee of only 5% no matter how much your item sells for so you will no that however much you get the fee never changes.

To register an account with us just click the “my account” link on the homepage where you can register a new account or if already registered you can also log in to your account, and yes it’s still free !

Here on info8 you can sell any type of art ( oil, watercolour, pencil ect, ect) and also home made crafts for example ( jewellery, cards, silk painting ect,ect)

Were sorry but we dont allow foodstuff’s / drugs or any type of pornography,firearms inc air guns, if you are found to be selling these banned items your account will be terminated without notice.

When you sell any of your items you can ask for a withdrawal to your chosen method, we have two: paypal and bank transfer.

You need to have a minimum of £25 in earnings before we can start a transfer.

If you have less than £25 in earnings your balance will roll over to the next month or until your balance exceeds this  amount then we can transfer it to you.

You can request one transfer per month so it is best to wait a bit in case you get more sales in.

Withdrawal Options

Withdraw Methods:



Bank Transfer

*Minimum Withdraw Limit: £25.00*
*Minimum balance required to make a withdraw request

You account had two dashboards to keep things separate from account details and sales.

On your my account page you will find all the details you provided during your account set up and you can make changes to this info anytime yourself.

To see your vendor dashboard just click the large orange button that says: Go to vendor dashboard

Here you will be able to add products and keep an eye on sales and you can also make fund withdrawals from here to your chosen payment provider.

If you just want to buy from our vendors you only need to register a standard account but if you wish to sell and buy you need to click the register as a vendor which allows you to buy and sell on our platform.

Here at info8 we encourage vendors to offer free postage on all there items as who doesn’t like a deal like that, you can of course add the postage value to your item’s selling price if you wish to, it’s up to you.

If you need more help or have any questions regarding a purchase or your selling account feel free to drop us an email HERE and we will do our best to reply within 24 hours.

Feel free to email us on the following form if you have any question's or query's

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